My first Isosceles wallet after 3 months. My stitching is a lot better now.

Anonymous said: ever thought about selling your products locally? you should target mesh boutique or the met

MET had crossed my mind, Mesh is a great idea.  Once I get some quantity of items done I think I’ll go have a chat with them.

Experimenting with another design and using a rubber date stamp with black dye.

Anonymous said: was just wondering what tools you need in order to work with leather? and did you study some place special how to work with it?

It kind of depends on the person.  I bought way more tools than I actually needed before I figured out which ones worked for me.  The ones you end up needing will probably be different from those that I needed.  
A good start would be an awl, stitch groover, overstitcher, needles (trial and error as to which kind works best for you.  I’m using blunt harness needles at the moment) and thread if you just want to punch and sew the old fashioned way.  I really prefer using a 4 prong diamond punch for holes for stitching but that’s not for everyone.  It’s probably best to get stitching down before you get into anything else (snaps, riveting, stamping, punching, etc.)
 As far as learning how to do it, I’ve just spent many hours reading tutorials and message boards and visually deconstructing items that I like.  

Construction video of my isosceles wallet.

I didn’t put any sound in the video, so I recommend listening to Cass McCombs’s Executioner’s Song while you watch it.

Black version.

I made a construction video of this and I’ll post it once I find some music for it.

Black dye, first try.

A long hiatus after one of my necessary tools broke on me.  I’m excited to get back to work.

I really like this design; going to spend the next while trying to get the dimensions and folds just right.  Maybe I’ll sell them on Etsy down the road.

A friend was kind enough to take a picture of the contents of my pockets with a lightbox.  

Featuring the Rhodia No10 notebook cover and change wallet I made.

Strap-closure version of my triangle wallet for those that complained the snap was too difficult.

My first time using blunt-tipped harness needles (as opposed to glover), so the backstitch is a bit messy.